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Go eco for a guilt-free escape

Take comfort in knowing that when you choose The Odd Frog for your next getaway, you're choosing a truly sustainable experience surrounded by nature at its best.

Optimal light

The buildings are positioned to optimise winter sun and minimise summer sun.



The buildings have been designed with a small footprint to minimise site disturbance.


The building materials used in the construction of The Odd Frog are environmentally-friendly. Screws and bolts have also been favoured over glues and nails so that the materials can be reused at the end of the building's life.


The studios are double wrapped in a natural wool insulation.



Our studios have been designed for low-energy use. We use low-watt lighting and studios have been designed for optimal use of natural-light. We heat our studios with wood fires and cool them by cross ventilation whilst water is heated using solar. Any power we buy is from "green power" suppliers.



All showers have low-flow shower heads. All taps have aerators fitted. All gardens are planted with local native species that require no watering. Rainwater is caught in tanks for consumption. All the greywater from showers, baths, vanities and laundering is treated in reed beds and re-used on site and to water a small orchard.



The property has been registered with Land for Wildlife. Over 4000 new trees and shrubs have been planted. Wood for fires is collectd from the property - there is more than enough natural growth in the regeneration of the 10 acre block to sustain the fuel demand indefinitely.